High-resolution light-field microscopy with patterned illumination

Depeng Wang, Suva Roy, Andra M. Rudzite, Greg D. Field, and Yiyang Gong.

Biomedical Optics Express Vol. 12, Issue 7, pp. 3887-3901 (2021)

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Light-field fluorescence microscopy can record large-scale population activity of neurons expressing genetically-encoded fluorescent indicators within volumes of tissue. Conventional light-field microscopy (LFM) suffers from poor lateral resolution when using wide-field illumination. Here, we demonstrate a structured-illumination light-field microscopy (SI-LFM) modality that enhances spatial resolution over the imaging volume. This modality increases resolution by illuminating sample volume with grating patterns that are invariant over the axial direction. The size of the SI-LFM point-spread-function (PSF) was approximately half the size of the conventional LFM PSF when imaging fluorescent beads. SI-LFM also resolved fine spatial features in lens tissue samples and fixed mouse retina samples. Finally, SI-LFM reported neural activity with approximately three times the signal-to-noise ratio of conventional LFM when imaging live zebrafish expressing a genetically encoded calcium sensor.