2015/07/03 - Advertisement for undergrad research and class

There will be positions open for prospective undergraduates in the fall. Students interested in the Pratt Fellows Program should contact the lab during the summer or the first week of school. It is expected that the student joins the lab for the Fall term (i.e. Fall 2015) before starting the Pratt program with the lab in the Spring term (i.e. Spring 2016). Attempting the course below will greatly help in getting up to speed for research in the lab. Projects in Protein engineering, Optical Microscopy, and advanced Image Processing are available.

Yiyang will be teaching BME590-03 in Fall 2015: The Biophysics of Neuroscience Tools. This course introduces students to the various modern tools used to study the function of the brain, and the underlying biophysics of these tools. Content will focus on novel technologies and techniques that employ electrophysiology and optogenetics, and specific topics include: patch-clamp electrophysiology, multi-electrode recordings, fluorescent proteins, optically excitatory or inhibitory rhodopsins, optical microscopy, fluorescent protein sensors, genetic delivery technologies, and numerical analysis or simulation of brain activity. The course will use lectures and recently published scientific literature to probe the capabilities and applications of these tools in current neuroscience experiments. Advanced undergraduates and enrolling graduate students interested in neuroscience and engineering should take the course.